Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Construction zone

Well, hello there! If you are reading this at night, Congrats! You have made it through another day of beauty and challenges. And for those morning, folks - put on your armor and jump full force into your day today... you are not alone as you step out. Look for the beauty, its always there.

I know, I know... Some days the beauty is more difficult to see, isn't it? I have those days sometimes, too.

But check out some of these lyrics of Just Be Held by Casting Crowns:

Hold it all together
everybody needs you strong. 
But life hits you out of nowhere
and barely leaves you holding on. 

So when you're on your knees and answers seem so far away
You're not alone, stop holding on and just be held. 
Your world's not falling apart, its falling into place. 
I'm on the throne, stop holding on and just be held. 
Just be held.

If your eyes are on the storm
You'll wonder if I love you still.
But if your eyes are on the cross
You'll know I always have and I always will.

And not a tear is wasted.
In time, you'll understand.
I'm painting beauty with the ashes.
Your life is in my hands.

"Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place.." Wow. I just love that line. Talk about making a pessimist adjust the lens of life, right? These lyrics, they just make me shake my head. When we encounter rough patches, trying moments or feel as though we are being tested - we all have these moments - we tend to think that we just have no luck and that God has just been focusing his time elsewhere. 

But what if its true? What if they really aren't rough patches or trials in life? What if you are just in the moment of construction or re-design? I mean, look... this could be your life right now, covered in yellow and add some flashing lights: 
Shoot, you may even think that you are a walking disaster some days! I know I have felt that way! You know - those times when no matter what you do, you cannot seem to get/say/do anything right and you feel that maybe it would have been better to have just stayed in bed all day. Now think about it... maybe that was God trying to re-adjust your life... you were trying to get/say/do one thing and he was telling you... "no, no, sweet cheeks...not today." After all... 

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps" - Proverbs 16:9

That movie you were planning to see that was sold out before you got there, the lunch date you were looking forward to that got cancelled, feeling like an outsider among a group of people, discovering that a friend of yours has a secret drug addiction, watching your child not succeed in areas that you had hoped they would... these are all construction zones. And they are all moments that will lead to our growth or someone else's if we just have faith.

Now that you have listened to all I've had to say and have discovered the lyrics to this song, why not take a moment for yourself, close your eyes, and hear them speak to you... Enjoy!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Life is not a looking glass

Time is short. Very short. It runs out so quickly and we cannot get it back. I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS have great intentions and then time gets away from me and, before I know it, I don't have enough time to finish all that I want to do. (And, you guessed it, that explains why I am so late at writing this blog.)
"Life is not a looking glass, don't get tangled in your past..." - Brandi Carlile

Each particle of sand that falls through this hourglass is gone...in real life, we cant flip it over and let it come back through again. Its considered the past and that is where it stays. Think about it... that breath you just took.. you took it in the past. That last sentence you read? It was in a past moment, too. Its crazy to think of things like that. 

Just look at this: There are approximately 83 days left until Christmas. That is 1,992 hours, 119,520 minutes, 7,171,200 seconds that will be gone. Forever. Time we cannot get back. That's a lot of time, isn't it?

We get so busy that we don't take the time to spend with loved ones or do the things that we love to do. We get stuck in life trying to do more of what we HAVE to do rather than what we WANT to do. And maybe this isn't the case for all of you. But for most of us, even though we know how precious time is, we still let those seconds disappear without truly ever learning their meaning. 

At the moment, I am sitting in Starbucks writing, thinking, reflecting... and people watching. Many people are here, just like me, doing the same thing. I usually spend my Fridays (or most days, rather) running around doing all the necessities. I will take care of the "needs" on my to-do list later... and for the moment, I will sit here, enjoying the calm that it brings and the satisfaction of accomplishment of my "wants." (This want even includes my Chai Tea Iced Soy Latte...oh boy!) 

And I think to myself that I need to do this more often. Even add myself to my to-do list. You should, too. 

I just love this picture: 

So, with that said ... when you unwrap your gifts on Christmas, surround yourself with family and prepare your feast - take a minute to look back and answer this question: What do you have to show for your 7,171,200 seconds? Did you make them meaningful? Did you use them wisely? Use this thought and plan your wants now, before you lose the chance.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

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