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Don't blow out the flame.

Radical Faith - what is it? Faith by itself is defined as having complete trust and confidence in God and/or a strong system of religious beliefs. If we add the term radical before the word faith, wouldn't this turn plain ol' faith into an extreme trust, confidence and belief?
Like I have mentioned numerous times, I am fairly new to my faith. I am just discovering what God can do and how the whole universe seems to be linked together, squashing the idea of any mere 'coincidence'. My faith grows stronger with each passing day. 
But what about radical faith? Seems like so many of us go to church, tell those around us that we are praying for them, hold our bibles, proclaim that we are Christians. But how many actually stop and say a prayer for someone when we said that we would? And how many actually open their bibles and study them, rather than letting dust collect on the cover? And how many actually follow the principles laid out within God's word that define what a t…