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Joy comes in the morning

Well, hello. Its been a while since we have met here. What can I say, life in 2016 has kept me busy so far. But that doesn't mean I haven't been jotting down tidbits of thoughts that I want to share with you all.
For example, those little things that happen that could be considered coincidence, if you believe in coincidence... I dont. It happened again recently... I was reading my devotional one morning and the passage was focused on Joy. I read about the importance of joy in our lives... and about having days filled with gratitude; moments of giving thanks to God for all that we have been given. A simple reminder to start my day. I thought it was sweet, thought about how I feel that I am joyful more than not, and I took a moment to thank God for everything I am and everything that I am growing to be.
Moving on with my day, I sometimes journal while having my lunch at work. On this particular day, I decided to pull out the journal and, it read: "Make a list of the first thi…