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Two years

Its almost June 2016. That means it is almost 2 years since I've heard my dad's voice. Two years since I've heard his thinking on the other end of the phone, trying to keep me on the line longer (no matter how big of a hurry I was in.) Two years since I could reach out to him for his advice. And, two years of not feeling his strong hugs, always full of unconditional love. Sometimes thinking about him just gets the better of me. I get lost in thought...we were moving back to Florida and my dad was happy about that -- but he was supposed to be here when we got here! Things weren't supposed to happen the way that they did! Well, at least not in my version of the story.
Moving back, my heart was comforted knowing that I would have my new family in the same place as my parents. We would get to spend time with my mom and dad. Dad was supposed to be a dad to us girls, and a positive influence & role model for my stepson. He was supposed to be there with his simple, corny j…

The great debate

We all have rough days every now and then. And since we know that God is guiding us every single moment along the way, when something bad happens or a struggle arises, we know that He either put it in our path or, at the very least, knew it was coming. These moments can cause us to cry out to him, yes. And many times we say (or hear) the phrases "God is testing me" or "God is tempting me." But is he really? Does our all-forgiving God actually test us? Does he tempt us?
That brings me to this: The tempt vs. test debate. Have you heard of it? Well if you haven't, it is your lucky day. And, if you have... perhaps you can get some sort of small reminder from this post.
Before we more forward, lets take a closer look at Webster's meaning of the words test  and tempt.
Test: "a critical examination, observation, or evaluation..." or "... something...for measuring the skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities or aptitudes of an individual or group.&quo…

Life as a jelly bean

Hey, all. I just have a short, sweet and to the point message for ya today. Though, I sure hope it gets ya thinking as much as it did me.
Do you like jelly beans? Im not a big fan... but what if you have a huge pile of jelly beans and each one represents one day of life as you know it? The following is a video describing just that. Its less than 3 minutes long... please, please, please take a moment to check it out:

Pretty powerful, eye-opening message, right? Forget the statement about spending 3,202 days working or 671 days grooming.... though, really? Its the 8,477 days of sleeping that really got me! I sure do love my sleep and many days I never feel like I get enough! But seeing as though the average person sleeps away 8,477 of the only 28,835 days we start with? This takes me back to my teenage years when it would be noon on a Saturday and my mom would come in my room, swing open my blinds, tell me I was "sleeping my day away," and then proceed to sing... ♪♫ "just l…

Ears & Lyrics

Have you ever really liked a song and when you heard it come on the radio you busted out with your air guitar and your almost perfect shower singing voice... melodically shouting, say, "ANIMAL" to that Def Leppard song...and then... you realized everyone around you was giggling while staring at you? Was it your moves? Were you a little off-key? Nope... well, maybe, but that wasn't why they were laughing. There is always that one friend who has to stand up and loudly tell you... THOSE AREN'T THE RIGHT WORDS! BAHAHAHA! IT'S PANAMA, NOT ANIMAL!
<head down, place tail between legs, please>
After the slight humiliation wears off, we start thinking...well, what are the words, then!?
I've done this SO many times and I know some friends who have, too. So, just for laughs, I figured Id share. 
Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton.  Correct: Just call me angel of the morning, angel                         Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby.  My version: Just …